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Real Roth? Need help with ID

JC & Ava

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Hi,  this violin came in for restoration and was just wondering if this violin is a violin made by Ernst Heinrich Roth himself.  The violin came with an appraisal from a smaller outfit saying it’s authentic and made by him, and is not one of his workshop instruments. Anyone care to chime in on how to identify an actual Roth violin?






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There is no evidence EH Roth himself worked on anything but the very highest priced models, if he even did that, he was the owner and operator of a factory, not really an active maker.

This instrument here is probably a Roth but definitely not the highest level model, more likely the cheaper level.

Anyway Jacob is right, send the pictures to Wilhelm Roth at the factory, he'll tell you more than I can, but without a serial number he can't tell you the year, etc

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It's an old misleading topic to tell about shop instruments (what all Roths factually are) or even mass produced violins like Juzek etc. that they were "made by the old man himself". Just in case that Ernst Heinrich personally laid hands on any of the instruments bearing his name doesn't mean that they are in any aspect better than those being produced by his employees. Just another tell tale to impress naive buyers not understanding the way such violins were made.

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4 hours ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

Also you may note the EH Roth signature is not even a signature, its simply printed on the label, one would think if EH Roth had anything to do with making it he could at least add a genuine signature, not a printed one.

There appears to be the same signature written directly on the back above the label in the first picture?

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