Stolen violin, bow

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On July 18 2020 my violin with two bows inside the Musafia Master Series violin case was stolen from my house. Violin is a work of Alfredo Contino 1920, one bow is a work of Hermann Richard Pfretzschner, another one is a Coda bow. I reported the missing instrument immediately, but until now there is no info about it. The location of the Theft: Albany, GA. Clarion Insurance after a few months of investigation decided that this case is falling under “unexplained disappearance” exclusion clause. Makes no sense, but I will never use this company again.

Please help me to recover my instrument by spreading this information. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Attached are the pictures of the lost items. Yes, and I am planning to submit the Stolen Instrument form.

Thanks so much.


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Sorry to hear about your loss, and sobering to hear about Clarion's treatment.  They specialize in coverage for musical instruments, right?  Did you file with your home-owners insurance, too?  BTW is that Pfretzschner gold mounted?  Fingers crossed for a speedy return of the instrument or a happy resolution to the insurance claim.


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Thanks Richard. Yes, it is a gold mounted one.

It is a very sad situation. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a good professional in any field. The police investigator did not do a thing to try to find the instrument. Now he even refuses to call back when I try to inquire about the case. The insurance investigator also did not do much at all. They paid him only to interview me and to "try" to contact a few neighbors. The rest was assumed. I am so overwhelmed and frustrated. I am planning to post flyers around offering a reward. That's the last hope I have.


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