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Hi folks,

I recently acquired a bow that I like. It's a bit early to be sure about the tonal quality since it arrived at home... today after rehairing.

There is a label which is probably fake (I guess), but still worth noting : F.N. VOIRIN.

The seller did not sell it as an authentic Voirin, just to make it clear. However, it's sold as a (good) pernambuco bow with high quaity fittings.

I just took a few pictures of the bow. So any feedback would be very much appreciated.

N.B : bow weighs exactly 60g















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1 hour ago, Blank face said:

What's possible to tell from the photos is that it could be pernambuco, though not for 100% sure.

Frog and adjuster seem to be rather new, possibly Chinese, and don't seem to belong to the stick originally (badly fitting frog slide).

I would agree with all of this.
For me, the brand is all a bit too clear and sharp for an older bow. I'm wondering if it was only recently branded before sale on eBay, but possibly is a new bow. The worn octagon right where it meets the adjuster bothers me, and looks unnatural. I can't decide on the wood from the pictures.
It seems to be what the British would refer to as "a dogs dinner".

You say you have acquired a bow that you like, but haven't played it yet. I'm at a loss how you can therefore like it, unless you mean you liked the look of it, and hoped it could be right.

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