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Help me restore my Old Violin Coffin Case


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Hope you´re doing great! I´m a Beginner Maestronet user, Beginner Violinist, Beginner Woodworker and future Violin Maker (not fair to call myself a Luthier just yet), so beginner everything...

Today I come to your aid to help me restore this Violin Coffin Case I got for 5 dollars equivalent! in Argentina.

The Case is well worn and needs a new lining and interior everything (which I´m not terribly clueless about but if you have any tips I will definitely appreciate them), the main issue it has is that is doesn´t close flush on the left side, it stops way before it would be acceptable to me at least(maybe the side wood panels are bent outwards?). I´m new at this so any pointers are awesome!

Greetings from the Land of Silver!

PS: should I refinish the exterior with varnish or wax or just leave it as is? I intend to use it as a regular case.





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No experience here but I have some on old leather cases I have resurrected. Probably either the top, bottom or both is warped. Figure out which, and after the insides removed apply some light moisture/little heat , straighten and dry. The inside would look great in new plush material of a bright color. Outside? Up to you, but why not refinish after straightened. The brass fixtures as what gives this box a future.

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