Quiz: tool found in old violinmaker’s shop

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3 minutes ago, Stephen Perry said:

It's a guided channel scraper to get the curve up from the channel towards the center of the plate.  I saw a video long ago of someone using this type of thing.  I would 1.  lose it and 2. figure out it wasn't required.

Very interesting. But not what this was designed for

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9 minutes ago, Andreas Preuss said:

Maybe just a holder to have a better grip on the scraper with one hand. 


Bingo, but also to hold the scraper vertical to the stone. This thing works!

I bought cheap diamond stones, diamonds embedded in stainless steel. 400 grit, 1000 grit, 2000 grit. These stones are thin, 1.0 mm or so. But they are cheap, and they work.

1/2 point to Andreas.

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11 hours ago, violins88 said:

..to hold the scraper vertical to the stone...

It's obvious that it would work well for this.  If the scraper were not exactly vertical, it would certainly be at a consistent angle close to vertical, which it probably more desirable than being exactly vertical.  But I've never tried drilling holes in scraper material.  How hard is it?

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Actually it needs a special technique. Getting the drill to go through is not the problem. The steel deforms near the hole so that you have a non-flat scraper. Maybe drilling the hole with some annealed steel underneath the scraper would help. We have people on here who know the answer to this, I am sure.

Scraper steel is not too hard. 

Some entrepreneur might have 200 sets of scrapers cut out by laser. The profit margin might barely justify doing it.

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