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Joha oil varnish for touch-ups?


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Hi everyone, 

I am currently working on my first violin repair and just finished cleaning a pretty filthy violin! I bought it thinking it could help me learn a few repair techniques. Cleaning it has revealed many spots that require some varnish touch-ups (once I repair the sides). I was wondering what pre-made varnishes you would recommend, or some varnish touch-up kits. Could different shades of "Joha oil varnish" do the job? I've read on many threads that spirit varnish is usually more preferred for touch-ups though. Also, I don't really need huge quantities of varnish. (https://www.internationalviolin.com/Shop/varnish-supplies/oil-varnish-extracts)

Thanks in advance for your advice!

s-l1600 (4).jpg

IMG_20201112_175857 (1).jpg

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No to oil varnish for retouching!! The first reason that I think of is that it takes hours to dry! With retouching. you typically have to put on several color coats, with clear coats between, often adjusting the color for subsequent layers. Oil varnish would take forever! A second reason is that you are more likely to have better adhesion with shellac based spirit varnishes. A third reason is that it's easier to remove spirit bases varnishes if you are not happy with something that you've done (color).

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