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Concerning old unbranded violins


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It could be risking too much effort and money to fix the button without knowing how the violin would sound.  Another approach would be to leave the neck as it is, if it seems to be solidly attached, and proceed with the rest of the set up.  If the neck pulls out after the violin has been played for a while, a decision could then be made if it's worth fixing the button.  This decision would be informed by the violin's sound quality.

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I don't actually have the violin. It would cost $20-30 to get it shipped to me. Someone donated the violin to a thrift store and the thrift store is selling it for real cheap, so I was wondering if it was worth getting. $30, plus new strings ($30-60), a bridge ($30) and some professional work from a luthier, and potentially a couple hundred dollar repair. Sounds like it will cost a lot.


Idk, what do ya'll think? should I get it, or is it not worth it?

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13 minutes ago, LuigiMyViolin said:

Well... my current violin sucks...

I don't think the answer to that issue is to purchase a cheap violin in need of repairs hoping it will suck less than what you have.

The answer is to buy a violin that is fully playable and that you KNOW is better than what you have.

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I agree with Rue and George.

Luigi, maybe the best thing you can do is to visit a violin store and try some out, if this is possible. The instrument you have posted here, and the one in your other thread are both pretty much bottom of the barrel kind of things, plus you will need a bow, maybe a case etc.

At least at a store you can hear the potential an instrument has, and make an informed decision. If you are buying broken junk on eBay, it will only lead to disappointment and frustration, plus a lot of wasted time I think.

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