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I would very much like to share with the world a record that my parents (Lesley Heller and James Burnham) made many years ago.  Like so many, I believe they never received the recognition they deserved as first rate violinists. 

The album includes the Sarasate Navarra, Moszkowski Op. 71 for two violins and piano featuring pianist Mary Louise Vetrano, and Spohr Op. 67 in a minor for two violins.  The recording can be found on Spotify here.  The album is also available on Amazon and iTunes for purchase, if anyone so desires to support.


Thank you

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Dear child of Lesley Heller and James Burnham, I am just listening to your parents right now. Being myself a member of an international spouse violin duo for over two decades I know to appreciate your parents' beautiful ensemble playing and their interpretation of these works. I am so glad that they are available on Spotify. I have tried to find more information about these superb violinists but I don't seem to find anything reliable. I would be very curious to know more about them. If you would like to share more I would be very interested. My name is Cecilia. You would find me on the site of Duo Gelland:  duogelland.com

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James Burnham is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music where he studied with Raphael Bronstein. Burnham has held principal positions in several American symphony orchestras and performed for many years with the Metropolitan Opera. He was a long-time chamber music teacher at Greenwood Music Camp in Massachusetts and also taught as a Visiting Professor of Violin at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He and his wife, Lesley Heller, produced an album for The Musical Heritage Society entitled The Heller-Burnham Violin Duo, which is currently available at most online venues.

--from the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra bio page

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Hello, I had Lesley Heller as a violin teacher at Wesleyan University in Spring of 1981.  I have just returned to the violin after many decades, and I recall with gratitude how she worked with me to correct a gripping style in my bow hand and gifted me with a freer relationship with bowing.  Now all these many years later it is too late to thank her but I am happy to express my appreciation not only for her artistry but also for her teaching here.

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