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I see you are a new poster,welcome.

It looks as though someone has used a sharp object to erase the stamp.

Which brings up the question as to why  would someone prior to you owning the violin  destroy a stamp that enhanced the violins value ?

And the next bit is de rigueur for this site, the experts will need pictures of the violin as outlined in the sticky at the beginning of the forum.



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The violin is in poor condition, as it has been stripped of its varnish.  I believe it may have been in a fire at one point as the varnish is still on the scroll and is charred.  I have certainly drawn no conclusions, just suspicions.  It very well may be a German instrument closer to 1900, but it has a lot of really nice qualities, many of which suggest French to me.  I have more pictures of the violin here, but don't go crazy, it certainly is not the most exciting fiddle.  This is just a pity case that showed up at my doorstep.  I was really more just curious if anyone has seen the stamp. 

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3 hours ago, Burnham Violin Co. said:

I have more pictures of the violin here, but don't go crazy, it certainly is not the most exciting fiddle.

It seems to be one of these rather nice 19th century instruments with the certain type of thickly applied red varnish which is usually becoming crazed and darkened at the surface after a period of time. This can be found at French, English and Mittenwald violins. There are also people mis-believing this phenomena was caused heat or fire (which is definitely not causing this appearance) and thinking they should "improve" them with stripping, revarnishing etc. A tragic misconception devaluating many of otherwise well made handcrafted instruments of historical and musical value.

Your violin could be French IMO, but it's not finally to decide by the photos. Maybe you can tell a bit about the inside work, if the linings are inserted into the corner blocks or cut, or if the lower rib is one piece or divided?

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Hi, this is an old thread, but violins span centuries so not so much I guess… 

I have the exact same label as mentioned on the original post, posting pics. Anyone was able to find out more about this stamp? Any clue/reference would be highly appreciated. Based on quick appraiser’s opinions at first sight in Boston this is at least a 10k usd violin, but wondering whether it is much more or not… have not been able to find any reference to this stamp aside from this post… Any reference or ideas would be highly appreciated.









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