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This deserves a fiddle tune!

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Really...it is just crying out for a melody...something catchy, toe-tapping, and a bit rabble-rousing!


Caught me a chicken, didn't have a pot, found me a geyser, it was really hot...

My mouth, it was a waterin', but as I took a bite, the Ranger came and caught me and locked me up fer the night!

Oh, I got the boiled chicken blues...

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better yet, a story about a daniel webster type defense for the guy about how since time immemorial or immemorable an incalculable number of chickens must have been fried there, and those occasions when chickens were not allowed to be fried there it must have been only through a completely arbitrary threat of force by whatever prevailing tribe...

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We need to up the ante! :D

Best lyrics...wins a cup of coffee.

Best tune...wins a cup of coffee.

If you have the best tube AND the best lyrics...3 cups of coffee!!!

All prizes supplied by me!

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I've got nothing I care to share yet (mostly highly objectionable doggerel set to the tune of Waltzing Matilda), but I am working on it.  [Returns to fiddling with a Copland pastiche, titled Hydrothermal Spring, and mutters, "Yellowstone, darn......why couldn't he have done this in Nantucket?"].  :ph34r:  :lol:

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