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Where can I get Fine tuners?

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@Just Sayin’

you are correct with your comment on quality, but the whole point of these tail pieces is that we want wood. I found them at a shop in Nevada called “desert strings“ where the lady was extremely kind and helpful, but cautioned me that the quality of these carbon fiber fine-tuning hooks is poor and she recommended Set made of titanium.

@Bob2 Thank you for the link, I will definitely contact him, because I like those tail pieces


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Desert Strings is Yanbing's shop in Nevada. They can provide you with the parts. I haven't had those break unless a string was forced into the fork or something was looped around one side of the fork.

Yes, the workmanship is lesser than that of the French Bois d'Harmonie, but considering the price difference, most are willing to try the Chinese tailpieces.

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