How close to the sound post for a sound post patch?

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How close to the sound post should a crack be to qualify for a sound post patch? I have a cheap (I paid $15 for it) trade fiddle (no corner blocks, ugly varnish but the wood is kind of nice). I've repaired a saddle crack but on the sound post side there is an old repaired crack from the saddle all the way to the f-hole. It runs about 13mm outside of the sound post. Should it be repaired via soundest patch or cleats? I realize that this particular instrument isn't worth the cost of a sound post patch but assuming it was valuable enough to repair properly, how would you do it?

I've been buying old, damaged violins and repairing them to donate to small music schools for kids who can't afford an instrument. If this one turns out to be not horrible it will be the next donation.




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9 minutes ago, Bodacious Cowboy said:

 This has been current thinking for a considerable time.

Current thinking isn't always better. Lets presume you have a decent instrument with a fresh soundpost crack (obviously we are only talking about cracks on the front) and no patch.

The instrument will already be devalued by the presence of the crack, the fact that it doesn't have a patch would only add to the uncertainty of the crack opening again. 

Now lets say that the crack does come open again ( a definite possibility). The crack could spread further, and instead of a nice clean crack you now have a longer crack which will have to be cleaned, reglued and retouched again, and you better patch it this time to prevent it coming open again. Now you have a violin with not such a clean soundpost crack, and a patch.

I have never known a well fitted soundpost patch to be detrimental to the tone of a violin. I wouldn't value a violin with a soundpost crack and no patch above the same violin with a soundpost crack and well fitted patch.

btw I think the crack on the op violin is too far away from the post to warrant a patch.  

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41 minutes ago, Wood Butcher said:

Could this even be considered a sound post crack? It seems to be outside of where the post should be by quite a way.

Looks more like a saddle crack which wanted to say hi to the soundhole eye.

Yes I agree, this isn't a post crack.

1 hour ago, Bodacious Cowboy said:

 This has been current thinking for a considerable time.

I think that restorers in the US have been quicker to adopt the "less is more" approach ...

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