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I found a couple of Youtube videos with Luigi Bertelli in them.

I have no idea if they are in any way relevent to this discussion as I do not understand the language, so they are for interest sake only.

The violin he has in pieces for demonstration purposes appears to have a Chinese label but is too blurry to ID.



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17 hours ago, MANFIO said:

Here a Luigi Bertelli, dated 1949, just one year of difference, the f holes are "canonical",  both in design and in position, the colour is the typical "arancione" of the Bertellis, there are no took marks in the back near the corners.

What is going on at the button?


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I have never seen a Bertelli violin, in fact I have never heard of anybody called Bertelli, however Vannes tells us that he won a medal at the “Santa Cecilia” competition in Rome, 1956. Since I would characterise all the fiddles thus far illustrated in this thread as junk, I find it inconceivable that they were made by a prize-winner, unless the Italians awarded a prize for farting.

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19 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

I too thought it looked a bit like a talented autodidact, who didn’t take (or get) much critisism, and thought if Segnor Bertelli had been called Grubmüller, and worked in Papenhaltenhausen on the Danube, it would be in an Amati auction with a starting price of ten quid.


You nailed it!

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