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I have to agree with @jacobsaunders on his idea that a book on old bridges would have been much more interesting. There is a sore lack of info available regarding the setup of early instruments. A rich catalogue of bridges from important centres of Instrument making, covering especially pre 20th century bridges is sorely needed. 

On your website, there is no info on thickness, tilt, and weight, which are very important factors for setup and the tonal character of a bridge. Are those included in the book?

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5 hours ago, violinbridges said:

@DonLeister I did think about this originally, not all of the bridges included had measurements taken at the time, and I wanted it to be consistent  and didnt want it to become too huge. So all measurements and weights are on the website.

That's unfortunate.  Looks like I'll have to add a lot of footnotes to my copy.

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13 hours ago, Michael Darnton said:

!!! I don't think I have ever received a book faster from anyone except Amazon's overnight shipping!

It's a lovely project and a fine book. I have always regretted that someday, eventually, the website would disappear and there'd be nothing left for anyone to see, but now I have the book!

Many thanks Michael that means allot. The website needs a bit of tlc as getting a bit old now but will try and keep it up as long as I can.

Much respect

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