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Anyone know of this American maker?


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Nice looking fiddle.  The Wenberg book on American makers lists him, but in Spokane, not Chicago.  To my eye, this looks very similar to works by other Chicago makers of the time.  John Hornsteiner disciples?  Folks working together at the benches of William Lewis or Lyon & Healy?  Wenberg doesn't say where Dirking received his training.


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We may need Jeffrey or someone from the Chicago area to weight in here.  John Hornsteiner was a master to many Chicago notables, and we was a Mittenwald guy.  I always assumed that folks working under him followed Mittenwald methods.  But since I've never seen a Becker, Sindelar, Halvarson, Einsele, etc. in person, and it would be very interesting to learn that they exhibited Markneukirchen traits.  (This is all an aside, of course, if anyone in the know wants assert that this Dirking has nothing to do with Chicago.)

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14 minutes ago, Richf said:

Jacob, looking at the corner blocks and the rib seams at the corners, I see internal mold construction.  That is, not some Markneukirchen purchased in the white.  Am I on the right track?

Where do you see "internal mo(u)ld construction"?

It all looks a little unusual and untidy to me, in contrast to the rest (outside of) the violin

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I think I see corner blocks with a longer tail towards the lower bout and maybe a rib lining inserted from the C-bout side.  And for the rib seam at the corners, the lower bout rib seems to overlap the C-bout rib the way I would have expected.  I'm not saying this is Mittenwald work, just that the maker might have been influenced by a Mittenwald-trained maker, namely John Hornsteiner or one of his mentees in Chicago, where Mr. Dirking made this instrument. 



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