Finding 7/8 Cello Plans

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Hello all,

I am very much a beginner and probably too ambitious for my own good, but I deeply enjoy woodworking and have been considering attempting to build a cello. I am trying to learn as much as I can before starting anything as I believe wood should be treated with respect and I do not want to be wasteful by making many mistakes. I have bought Strobel's Violin Making Step by Step book and plan on purchasing his Cello Making book very soon.

My wife has started to learn to play cello recently and I would like to build this for her, but she needs a 7/8 size. I know the Cello Making book comes with Guadagnini 7/8 plans, but I am wondering how to get my hands on other 7/8 plans. One of my more basic questions is: are 7/8 cello designs just 4/4 cellos that have been scaled down? For example, is it possible to get a Davidov poster and scale it down to achieve a 7/8 size? When I visit The Strad Shop, I do not see anything labeled as "7/8".

I would love to hear what people here recommend. I am intimidated by the whole process and am not in a rush. Worst case, I get the joy of learning about this process without building anything.




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When I made some 7/8th sized violins I used the 96.25% of 4/4 specs.  That means all measurements spec wise for the most part were 96.25% of 4/4 specs - I bet the same percentage will work with a cello too. 

Ex.  let's say there is a measurement for 200 mm and we want 7/8th's of that amount.  Using the 96.25% we'd take 200 x 96.25 and have an answer of 192.50 mm.


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Thank you all for your replies!

Scaling down by 96.25% was pretty much what I was thinking, but wasn't sure if it's just that straight forward.

Jim, the current 7/8 cello my wife has a 717mm length back.

I was thinking of a getting a poster for a smaller 4/4 cello, but is there anyway to know the length dimension before purchasing the poster?

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