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Good Day from Argentina to everyone!

I have a question worthy of this wise Community... What do you know about violins with this shape? How much would this violin go for? And finally an ignorant question I assume myself:  Does oil varnish ever get this dark naturally or is it completely deliberate?

"Presumably German around 1930s - the label is in our opinion not authentic. Please listen to the video/soundfile & click on the image to see all detailed XXL photos below as part of the description!Finely carved scroll and accurately inlaid purfling. This beautiful violin shows no open cracks or open seams. Medium to fine grained spruce front and beautiful 1-piece maple back. The violin was completely revised by our luthier and checked on playability by our violin player. In our workshop it received new ebony pegs, ebony tailpiece, ebony chinrest, a new bridge and new strings. Beautiful rare instrument in immediate playing condition! Please listen to the sound ! Measures aprox.: total 60 cm / 23.6", body 36,4 cm / 14.3", vibrating chord length 33,5 cm / 13.2", weight 475 gr / ~16.75 oz."

A little more info: In Argentina we are still in full lockdown and I have by the grace of a higher being chosen to learn to play the VIOLIN, and couldn´t be happier. I´m done with Suzuki level 1 on a cheap chinese violin and Luthier Violin making is becoming more interesting by the minute!

Thank you in advance, 

The Argentine Schindlerspacer.png


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I just love this guy's voice!

This is a rather fantastical violin from the early 20th century built as a vague imitation of Gedler I suppose. The varnish is deliberately black to make the violin look old ...

Judging from the sound sample I would say this is a pretty poor-sounding violin, and I think its commercial value is quite low. It's also huge (back length 36.4cm), so I would think relatively difficult to sell.


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Such violins are often sold to innocent buyers who do not know much about violins and are in love with the beautiful shapes of violins. Even though it is possible to make a good sounding violin with such a shape, the cheaper ones (like this one) are usually built to impress visually only. They are often very heavy due to the extra wood that the ribs need, but also, quite often they are thickly graduated and have a thick varnish. Looking at the setup of this violin, I see a bridge that I find looks crudely adjusted, with thick feet that do not seem to fit, soft wood with wide year rings, and a strange way of thinning just the upper edge on the back of the bridge. I also see cheap chinese fittings. It doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in me. I would likely not buy this violin, but most certainly not without having tried it out in person.

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Ummmmmmmm.............there's been more than a few of these made in China over the last 10 years or so, in a variety of models..


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14 hours ago, martin swan said:

I just love this guy's voice!

1 hour ago, Wood Butcher said:

Looking at that has made me be sick into my mouth a little bit :(

You should hear me early in the morning being in a bad mood.:angry:

I definitely need a wallpaper like the one in the video.

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