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Looking for Stradivari back of pegbox / scroll multi-circle pattern

Stephen Perry

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I know it's here somewhere.  Stradivari had a small piece of wood with the distances the long way on a line and compass circles showing the widths at various points.  There was a picture, and a modern example with I suspect the same numbers.  I was hoping to make a duplicate to help in carving scrolls consistently, but I apparently didn't download the image and can't find it.  Would much appreciate a link.  If I recall correctly, it isn't in the collection in Cremona.

Thank you all so much.

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Courtnall and Johnson, Sacconi, and the Stradivari Relics text. The circles can fit neatly into the fishtail template from Courtnall and Johnson. The Stradivari templates have obviously faded since the Saccone pic were taken. The Sacconi pics are, I think, cello and gamba, not violin.IMG_3494.JPG.dd983b61391b5232140329fa6ad9db4f.JPGIMG_3493.JPG.3eb4cdd1365ec1d0f5aa6422e5d1277e.JPGIMG_3492.JPG.f5d8bf99fea615618e2d7728706c8544.JPGIMG_3495.JPG.10a04bb9c6b7f3cdda78e611fe553d19.JPG

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