Is my violin a counterfeit/replica?

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11 hours ago, martin swan said:

I’m sorry but your violin is neither a counterfeit nor a replica. The label has nothing to do with the violin ... it’s just a random fake label.

Why did you have to say sorry? :lol:

Yup, seems like a dodgy fake label.

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2 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

Your violin is a common or garden “Dutzendarbeit” (Trade violin) from the late 19th C. I illustrated a proper Alban Graz d’amore last year here

so that one may see that the word “replica” or “counterfeit” are risable.

Thank you!!

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1 hour ago, uncle duke said:

So let's see what I think  I know -  is this fiddle 1840's or slightly earlier

Interesting to see guesses. Why do you think 1840's or earlier? The photos don't help me too much, however I'm still on the learning curve.

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