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ID violin by Werrer (18th C) or 19th C Mittenwald?


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I have a violin labelled
Mathias Thomas Werrer

It has some other words, unreadable, but the date 1716 or 1776

The only reference I can find to this luthier is in Henley. The brief description of his work matches my violin. Henley give no dates or places.  Google provides nothing at all. I wonder if anyone can provide any extra information on this obscure maker?

The violin has back and ribs from birds eye maple, so the marks you see are not worm holes and not crude antiquing. It does have blocks in the lower corners. I can't see the upper. The neck joint appears not to nave been altered at all, which would point to a German 19th C copy. But the pegbox appears to have been skillfully grafted.  (Or are those just scored lines to make it look grafted?)

Any help would be appreciated. It seems strange that anyone would want to copy the label of such an obscure maker.











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