Evasio Emilio Guerra?

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Hi Forum,

what's your opinion about that violin? Could it be from Evasio Emilio Guerra, Turino 1947 as labelled?

I've bought it 30 years ago for € 3.000,- and just found out that Violins of this maker are sold between € 20.000 and € 50.000 today.

To be honest, I find the sound is not really satisfying, considering the price-tag, but maybe it would just need a bit adjustment.

Thanks for your help!











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I don't think this bears any relation to Guerra, whose violins have rather flat broad edges with big long corners, and scrolls which are inked and which have a very finely worked spine.

The scroll of your violin looks quite attractive, and I wouldn't dismiss it as "the usual", but I have no idea what it is. 

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Hi Guys,

thanks for your help. It's (unfortunately ;-) what I've expected. It is a nice violin though, and maybe Michael Appleman is right and I gonna get it to sound more to my taste and use it as a "backup" violin. My current Violin is a Jan Kuljk from 1837 which I really love...



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