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Garner Wilson bow?

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My regular bow is being rehaired and I'm trying a few different bows for fun until it's finished.  My luthier sent me home with 6 to try out but, as he often doesn't, didn't tell me anything about them. 

I've taken a liking to the one I've attached photos of, stamped Garner Wilson.

Anyone care to take a look at the photos and comment? 












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27 minutes ago, PhilipKT said:

That makes me feel better, I did not look beyond the stamp, but the stamp looks wrong. The wood looks nice though. Is Garner Wilson still alive? you might just contact him directly?

On the other hand, if you like the bow, you like the bow.


The price of a Dorfler and a Garner Wilson are vastly different, even the "best" of the Dorfler workshop.

I hope that the bow isn't being represented as a Garner Wilson. You did say that your luthier doesn't tell you anything about them, so hopefully he tells you that it is a German bow with a fictitous Wilson brand (a badly done one, I might add).

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13 hours ago, PhilipKT said:

So did the Dorfler Volk Get permission to use his name on their factory bows?


That was a joke. Dörfler is a synonym for cheaply made Bubenreuth factory bows. The G Wilson brand is hilarious, too, someone applied it very roughly with single letters.

27 minutes ago, fiddlecollector said:

Looks like abeille wood as well

They are using some sort of cheap pernambuco which can be easily confused with Abeille, at least at photos. I'm doubting that the adjuster is original to the rest; it could be silver while the frog mountings appear to be nickel, and I've never seen such an adjuster style with this kind of bows.

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Just a point with comparisons , the OP bow and the  Garner Wilsons with the pretty normal looking Parisian eyes are based on the Tourte  model,so there  is slight differences  (with Garner Wilsons with the double rings and large  decorative silver eyes) in little things like the corners of the ferrule, the pin arrangements and the length of the small heelplate , etc... also the use of the Hill frog track.

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9 minutes ago, fiddlecollector said:

 also the use of the Hill frog track.

I’ve seen Wilson’s Hill branded bows with frog tracks, but not very many with his brand. Would you like a dozen more pictures? It’s a pain in the ass, but I’ll happily do it when I have a moment.

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1 hour ago, Bodacious Cowboy said:

the brand doesn't look particularly untypical to me.

I think there's a world difference between the OP stamp with all the letters in different lines and with different distances in between and the original brands like in the photos.

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31 minutes ago, Jeff White said:

Ok, so I'm confused....again. Are you saying that the Wilson bows (branded with HIS name) are using the Hill track?  Are the Hill ones all that way? And, when you mention the Hill track, are you refering to the JBV type of round type?

Dont know if your refering to me , but im not  great with Hill shop bows. But the earlier Hill bows didnt have the typical track. No different that Vuillaume . Like in this link https://www.jbabows.com/we-hill-sons-violin-bow/.

EA Ouchard used similar frog seating.

Garner Wilson used both Hill type frog seating and the  normal bow seating.

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