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Kun Shoulder Rest Rubber Tubing

Brad Dorsey

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Is there any easy way to put replacement rubber tubing on the old-style feet of Kun shoulder rests?

I replaced some for a customer today.  The tubing is standard surgical tubing.  I have some that I bought at a drug store which exactly matches the tubing sold by distributors of Kuns.  I tried lubricated the tubing and the feet with corn starch and with water, I tried softening the tubing in boiling water, I tried pushing the tubing on with my fingers, I tried pulling it on with pliers, and I tried turning the tubing inside out back on itself and unrolling it on.  I eventually got them on, but it was a struggle and it took much too much time.

Is there some trick to this that someone here knows?

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Baby powder,talcum powder. Do it dry.

I was a Nurse in my former profession, and latex tubing is getting more difficult to find, and when you do find it, it isn't fresh and is sticky, working its way back to a liquid state. Latex sensitivity has been a problem for a while and the hospitals have been moving toward silicone for some time.

Better to replace the feet with the new forks.

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i did it literally a couple days ago using tubing that i got on ebay advertised for the purpose.  he sends you four cuts of it the right length.  he includes instructions that say to lightly coat the arms with soap before you push the tubing on.  i used a tiny bit of liquid hand soap and they slid on like butter, no tools needed.  the tubing is very stretchy translucent tan colored stuff, about 3/16" id.  looks identical to what was on it

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