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String ID question


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The Pirastro D string in the attached photos was purchased a number of years ago - perhaps twenty or more.  The string has a loop-end with a knot, fashioned from the light straw-colored core material (see photos p005.png and p006.png).

Please let me know if you can provide an identification of the string.  Thank you.








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Dwight -

Thank you.  After posting here, I sent an email to Pirastro and am awaiting a response.

The closest I can find on the Pirastro site is the Pirastro Gold: https://www.pirastro.com/public_pirastro/pages/en/Gold-00006/

The envelope for the Gold contains the word "Wondertone" (see below) - I do not believe that the other Pirastro gut strings use that name:



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Yes, Wondertone used to be a line of wound gut strings alongside Eudoxa and Oliv. I'm not sure about the time periods involved - I wish the string companies could provide us a bit of history! Perhaps they feel too embarrassed to mention cancelled string lines (bring back light gauge strings!!). Wondertone Solo is a appropriation of the name for a synthetic label of strings - quite an interesting one, actually (quite low tension for a synthetic "soloist" string, I recommend it).  The Gold Label E string has a fancy cursive "Wondertone" as well. I wonder if this famous e string was borrowed from or shared with the original Wondertone set E string? Ironically the current Wondertone Solo E string is different from the Gold E.Pirastro Gold E Violin 4/4 KGL Strong – Thomann UK

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