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ID of likely German violin


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Appreciate everyone’s assistance on my other thread.  Very glad I asked before purchasing.  Could I trouble you for your thoughts on the violin below?  Label is tough to read but seems to say “Nicolo Rovaltus fecit ad Cremona firma 1817 AD” which I assume is not true.  

Luthier believes it is German, circa 1900s or so.  


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2 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

Markneukirchen "Dutzendarbeit" ca. 1900ish

Thank you!  Any further info on these?  Sounds like produced by multiple people but any sense of quality/value?

To give a sense of my goals, I’m  looking for a quality instrument that I can continue to advance on and ideally one I won’t need to upgrade in the future again.  I’m an adult learner and making good progress but think my current instrument (rental) is holding me back a bit.  Looking for under $2k if possible, open to new or “antique”/used.  Prefer not Chinese but if that’s truly the best in my price range I’m open to considering 

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@danios, Markneukirchen instruments  made as "Dutzendarbeit" are in your price categorie. There are different grades, the cheapest ones being terrible. This one looks like it is quite well made. In the end, if you are looking for a cheap good player, you should judge it playing it and not looking at it. Ask your teacher or a pro player to try it out and be frank in their opinion. If it is judged a good player and the instrument is below 1500 Euros, nothing should hold you back, in my opinion.

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