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Well, I'm not getting a specific answer, and people are beginning to e-mail me in a manner which doesn't allow me to answer them specifically so I'll post what I have typed up already, though it is not complete.  If it gets taken down, at least I tried.  Also, I'm unclear on what is safe to give on line for contact info.


(not in any particular order)  and not complete



Ferdinando Garimberti 

The British Violin

The Violin Book

Memoirs of a Violin Collector

Four Centuries of Violin Making 

G.B. Guadagnini  (Rosengard)

W.E. Hill and Sons (Sadler)

How Many Strads (Bein and Fushi)

Stradivari Varnish  (Brandmair, et al.)

Carlo Bergonzi

Stradivari (Pollens)

Stradivarius (Beare)

A Book of Workshop Secrets

Antonio Stradivari  (1987 Beare)

Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu (Two Vols. Biddulph)

Antonius Stradivarius (Two sets, four volumes each, Jost Thone)

Strumenti di Antonio Stradivari (Ente Triennale)

Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

Johannes Baptifa Guadagnino  (Scrollavezza)

Emerging National Styles and Cremonese Copies  (Huber)

The Violin  (Karl Roy)

Masterpieces of Violin Making

G.B.Guadagnini  (Edizioni Il Salabue)

Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari (Goodkind, the recent)

les Violins Venetian Instruments

…And They Made Violins in Cremona

Violin Varnish (Padding)

Francesco Bissolotti

Cesare Candi

Dictionary of Contemporary Violin Makers (Woodcock)

Il Manoscritto…Di A Marchi

The Miracle Makers (Bein and Fushi)


A Genealogy of the Amati Family of Violin Makers  (Draley and Bonetti, signed by Draley)

The Voller Brothers   


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