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Craig Cowing

Recommendation for rentals in eastern Maine

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A cousin's son is very interested in learning cello. He is 10. I told them the best thing to do was probably to rent until he can graduate to a 4/4 cello, and I have an extra one I told them I would give him if he is still with it. So, they are near Mt. Desert Island (Bar Harbor). Would anyone know of a good music store that does quality rentals and perhaps would have a teacher? I appreciate your help in advance. I think Bangor would be doable. Portland, not, unless they just do the rental and find a teacher closer to home.

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The only rental instruments I have experience with are Jay-Haide violins in particular sub-scale Jay-Haide violins 1/2 and 3/4 size. I have also played full-size jay Haide violins in the same price category 101 model) and I was more impressed by the sub-scale instrument - I think because all the sub-scale instruments were in this category so there was no chance for the manufacturer  to move the best to a higher price range. category. My granddaughter rented these until she grew to full-size.

I don't know if the sub-scale cellos are that good, but I have owned 2 Jay-Haide full-sice (4/4) cellos and they are good! At least both of mine have been - especially the one I have had for the past 15 years. I am pretty sure a dealer in the Boston area carries this brand - you might be able to link that to your local dealer.

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