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Upcoming Musical Instrument Auctions WORLDWIDE (January-December 2021)- List on first page


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Catalogues for Adam Partridge and Mehlis are now online

(UK) Adam Partridge - May 13th - 14th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://live.adampartridge.co.uk/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/226

(GER) Mehlis - May 27th -29th (2021) - General Auction with Musical Instruments - https://www.mehlis.eu/de/catalogs/10221/102/

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Just a note that the Amati and Tennants auctions are finishing today (26th May)

(UK) Amati - May 18th - 26th (2021) - Makers Sale - https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1078-the-makers-sale-26th-may/detail

(UK) Tennants - May 26th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://bid.tennants.co.uk/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/968

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41 minutes ago, martin swan said:

Yes, the UK violin trade is essentially finished along with many other previously thriving sectors of our economy.

Martin, as a dealer do you think this is bad enough of an issue to consider relocating to mainland Europe, or are you waiting to see what trade deals might be made in the future?

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4 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

Perhaps you could retire early on a reduced pension:)

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That's almost 2000 calories for 31p.

No reason for anyone to starve in Blighty in 2021.

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One new French auction and catalogue added.

Please let me know if there are anymore auctions to add. It is quite difficult to keep up sometimes as there are so many.

(FRA) Tarn Sales Hall June 10th (2021) - Musical Instruments - https://www.interencheres.com/meubles-objets-art/instruments-de-musique-nombre-limite-de-places-assises-en-salle-a-30-reservation-sur-appel-aupres-de-letude-nous-ne-prenons-plus-les-cheques-288168/

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The results of the latest Bromptons Auction look devastating for the firm. Only about 1/4 of the instruments on-sale sold. Many had no bidders. I have never seen such a poor results from a major auction house. 

With Tarisio moving from London to Berlin, it would not surprise me to see Bromptons move, too.

It does look like Brexit is going to kill the fine violin auction industry in Britain.


Edit: Oops! It looks like bidding is still open - it wasn't refreshing in my browser!

Edited by GeorgeH
Bidding is still open
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Some of the recent Bromptons auctions have had similarly poor outcomes, I'm not sure it is an entirely new issue for them.

The Tarisio UK auction did well, the Ingles and Hayday auction is currently doing very well and Amati usually do pretty well.

Brexit is obviously a key factor, but I do feel Bromptons may need to look at how and what they sell more closely in the future.

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