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is this a built on the back with ribs in a groove?

Garth E.

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I need a little help in figuring out if this is a bob with ribs in the groove. It's a 3/4 violin and has sustained a little damage. The scroll is carved all the way down. I added a few extra photos as I got in to a little trouble for not having enough photos last time. All my fault.










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I'd say no. If you look at photo #2, the rib miter comes all the way out to the end of the corner. With groove in back, I'm pretty sure that they cut the groove in the back, and then fitted the ribs to the groove. This was a rib garland that didn't quite fit properly, just glued to the back. Looks like the usual from where I'm sitting.

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8 hours ago, Andreas Preuss said:

Looks as if the ribs separated from the back at the corner. This means definitely not inserted in the back.

Yes I see that Andreas. That rib was pushed in a bit. Thank-you. My faint hope had been a French violin, not sure which particular direction to explore now. Not that I know anything, but it does have a quality feel to it. On the bottom plate it states that it was repaired in 1888. 

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