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Cellist asking for advice buying gut strings

Alex C.

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Gamut is fantastic, but quite expensive. I find that the way they polish their strings tends to give you a lot of fraying within only a couple of days as well, so be sure to ask about hand-polished  strings. That is, if you want plain guts.


Aquila is another good option. It's a bit cheaper, but the strings are still very nice. They are marketed as "historical" strings, but gut is gut, really. The tensions are calculated for A415, so you have to get their light gauge strings to use at modern pitch.

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I'm trying out a set of Toro strings on a violin at the moment and I like the sound and natural/unbleached look of the strings a lot.  They're holding up well without any fraying.  The wound G has a soft/flexible feel to it.  
So far I prefer them over Tricolore and Gamut. 

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