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Looking for the few other Van Hamel Violins/Violas. (Tulip below back button).


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Hello, first time poster here!

To the best of my knowledge, my first 4/4 violin was made by a luthier named Diederik A Van Hamel. I know he made a few other instruments, mostly violins but some violas as well. I remember seeing a few throughout high school, but I am curious to know who else has one or has seen one. The defining characteristic is an upside down tulip just below the back button. I used to have more information regarding his instruments, but seeing as that was nearly 15 years ago and I was a teenager, I didn't really care about such things.

Does anyone recognize/know anything about this maker/these instruments?


Excerpt from WikiTree: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Van_Hamel-24

Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmNAnesF


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Wow, blast from the past for sure.  I used to visit his shop and home years ago, and I was familiar with his logo and his experimental violin designs.  Also his experiments with varnish and dragon's blood, which were never that successful.  I even had a few pieces of maple that he kindly offered to me for my own violin making.  We purchased several of his conventional instruments with the tulip logo, violin, viola and cello, all that still needed varnishing.  I'm sure those were imported German instruments in the white, not his own.  Those instruments are still being played.  

I presume you lived somewhere in the Hudson Valley NY, as I did.  PM me if you want to discuss this further...


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