Anyone ever have a wolf on e string?

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Ive never had this happen before. When I play up high on the fingerboard on the E string, high B, C, D, its like there is another note sounding an octave lower. It gets kind of annoying because of the interference. The violin is an older one and Im wondering what is the most likely cause of this. No issues on any other string, usually you'd expect an issue on the G string.

Anyone experience this? Suggestions?

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This is a violin I recently started playing on. One thing I noticed was that earlier in the day when it was warmer and more humid, the interference was more pronounced than in the evening. Does that point to something?

Im going to have the violin checked out. It was recently worked on, seams closed and new setup made so everything should be good. 

The violin has an extraordinary voice too, so hope whatever this is can be remedied. 


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47 minutes ago, GeorgeH said:

First thing I would try is a new and different e-string, even if the one on there is new. 

Yup, that one! That is often where I start on a customer's instrument. We are always mixing and matching strings for baroque applications.

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Yes. It was a large violin made by a living luthier for a well known Irish fiddler. It had a nasty wolf on the f-f# on the E. The ribs were quite deep, and we eventually solved it, with the permission of the maker,  by removing the back and planing 2mm off of the rib height. 

After that, the wolf was elsewhere and didn't interfere with first position playing. 

That said, I would try a tighter post and a different  E string first.

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Thanks you guys! Ill take it in. This is a nice violin I posted about last year trying to identify it that seems to be Hungarian for most people and made with very old wood. Ill take it in and see what the violin shop says and mention some of your recommendations.  I dont know what Id do without you :)



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