Dmitri Q's Bench (10-year-old making a viola)

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That lining going into the block surprised even me. If I had posted his other woodworking projects and toys he's made before it would be easier for the rest of you to believe a kid did that (maybe?) but I'm still pretty surprised. I guess he's just around it all enough to pick it up. My husband shows Dmitri how to do something, then leaves the room (he stayed for the rib bending, but the kid did that too). 

Anyway, thanks for the interest and comments.  He has liked hearing from folks.

Count me among the watchers hoping this kiddo sticks with it through the harder steps. He seems to have some talent. ;)

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His work is already FAR CLEANER than anything that I've ever done.  I think I've done something halfway decent, and a photo proves that it is garbage.  Even with the 5X magnifier!

I don't think that I've seen any of my 4 grandsons ever have enough patience for something like making an instrument.  Goofing off with Legos, and video games; yes.  Serious art and craft?  No.

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12 hours ago, Jim Bress said:

Looking good Dmitri. Definitely better than a typical #1 so far. I’m curious why you chose a viola instead of a violin for your first build. Are you a violist?


I'll answer that...he's not a violist and he didn't choose that model. I assumed my husband chose it because it's going to be somehow easier than other models he looked at, but my husband said he chose it because it's a pretty Venetian viola model and he already had the mold and templates. Heh

This boy learns fast--really fast-- but my husband said that a lot of his apparent talent is that he was shown, allowed to try, corrected, and able to try again with new knowledge, and that is a constant process. That isn't something people without a teacher are getting. But it's true, it's unusual that he can do this at all. Fwiw, no video games in the house. Why would he want them?

This was his project last May, at age 9 obviously. He later disassembled everything off of this bike and mounted the whole motorbike setup on an old Schwinn, on his own initiative, because the design was more favorable. I am so much more permissive as a parent than anyone in my family ever was, but then, I wasn't like this child. 



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Thank you to Tim C for the top he gave Dmitri to use in this project and for the heavily discounted Veritas plane -with a price that happened to coincide with Dmitri's cash on hand. Next up, Dmitri will need to join that top.

All of you guys saying this kid is having a better result than you did on your first one... first of all, he's barely started. And he lives with his teacher. His teacher talks violins 80% of the time, and the rest is road rage, so we all know to steer my dear husband to continue talking violins. I'm joking (a little). Point is, he is around this stuff all the time, since birth. The second day he was out he already knew the sound of scrapers on maple, and he fell asleep to that sound (or other violin related sounds) that day and almost every day after.

So, point being, really, he has a teacher who will make sure he succeeds on this project, as long as he wants to do it. You can all imagine how thrilled my husband is to be teaching him :)

eta: Dmitri got a chance to slick up this gouge on Tim's Tormek, and here he's getting started on the maple earlier this afternoon. First time sharpening something, and his dad didn't get a photo. He liked the Tormek. Everyone likes the Tormek. 


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It's because we all learned, too late, that if you mess up with the blocks you end up with a "not bad for your first attempt".  Dmitri has already cleared that hurdle, and just because someone hands you a template doesn't mean that's the shape the wood will turn out to be the same shape.  Keep going Dmitri, we'll eventually find something to pick on you about...maybe. :) 

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