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2020 electric

murray kuun

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Cool, if you really want to go crazy you can tune all the "bars" and have an auxiliary mini marimba that you can then turn the instrument into a two person player instrument and do "fiddlesticks" where one guy is playing the violin and  in this case the other person is hitting it with mallets playing the xylophone part.

I don't know if it 'd work but I'm pretty sure you'd have the only one....the Xyolin  :lol:


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15 hours ago, murray kuun said:

I still have to sort out some design issues but I'm hoping to do this electric soon.



Your design is very cool, but looks like it would be heavy and difficult to build unless you have a CNC.

I recent bought a Yamaha YEV-105 and love it. Been playing it on a Fender 65' Deluxe Reverb but I'm saving for an AER Compact 60 acoustic amp.

I look forward to watch you build this electric when the time comes.

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