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Is the best vacuum cleaners on the market always the right vacuum for your house


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I always admire those people who are bold and liberating enough to make impulse purchases. They buy things on a whim without much referring to anyone, or maybe they are too overwhelmed with so much information out there they rather just pick one right away. There is another kind of person, though, who is never in a rush to make a buying decision. They ask for recommendations from everyone around. They read every review about the item they have their eyes on. They even read reviews about the other items that aren't their first choices. I call them the real investors, especially when it comes to buying a household appliance, any piece could count as an investment cause let's face it, they are expensive! 
Vacuum cleaners are one of them. So many homeowners have struggled because they invested in the wrong vacuum cleaner though they had spent so much time reading the best vacuum cleaner reviews before. They knew it from the first cleaning but they were not financially ready to replace it. The good news is, we have come up with a buying guide that will definitely be helpful for you in making the right vacuum cleaner “investment".
The two overrated factors 
First of all, is one of the best rated vacuum cleaners the right one for you?
Often the case is we rely too much on various vacuum ratings on the Internet, and we immediately make up our mind that the highest rated vacuum there will be the one for your house. Only that it isn't. We are so excited taking it out of the box the moment it arrives. We give it a try and next thing we know, it is not a good fit for our house. Needless to say, anything best-rated doesn't always mean the best for you specifically.
Has it ever occurred to you that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cleaning device? As a matter of fact, there are various types of vacuum cleaners on the market right now, and different vacuums are good at different things. If we start off our buying journey by searching for the best vacuum cleaners on the market right away, we may end up getting lost in so many interesting lists of the best vacuums. We may be drawn to some fancy vacuums listed there and feel the urge to go with one of them, completely forgetting what you want in the first place.  
That being said, some scoring system is very useful for consumers when they want to filter out some good options from the bad ones. 
Second, is a vacuum cleaner from one of the best vacuum cleaner brands the right one for you?
Besides vacuum ratings, many people also consider the brand name one of the very first factors when it comes to choosing a new vacuum cleaner. There are certain vacuum brands that have maintained their leading positions over the years such as Dyson, Shark, Hoover, Samsung … And of course, there are reasons why they have gained consumers' preference over others. With famous branding comes great quality. But again, just because it is a high-quality vacuum cleaner doesn’t mean it is a great fit for your house. 
Many people often search for “what is a good vacuum?” on the Internet or ask for advice from others while the first person you should ask is yourself: whats a good vacuum for your house, your family, and sometimes your fur friends? It should be the one that meets all your needs perfectly. While still being an important factor itself, the brand name should be among one of the very last ones to consider.
The two simple yet effective steps 
As we have made it clear that the best vacuum cleaners in the world aren't necessarily always the ones that match your house, what should be the right steps to make a good choice then?
Understand your needs
First thing first, let's make a list of all the things your house and your family need in a vacuum cleaner. Understanding your need is the very first step towards making the right buying decision. Your fur friends have been spreading hair everywhere and your old vacuum shows no help at picking it up? Put pet hair feature as the first priority on your list. Tired of carrying your bulky vacuum cleaner on every floor in your big house? Put lightweight and easy to maneuver the first priority then. 
There are things that people commonly prioritize and consider the most important features of a good vacuum cleaner such as suction power, price, filter… just to name a few. You can make a list of your own. Then start your online search with a specific keyword such as “top 10 vacuum cleaners with great suction power" or “best vacuum cleaners for pet hair". You will be amazed by how fast and effective it is for you to narrow down the choices. 
Vacuum cleaner comparisons
After a while, you will have in mind some very potential specific vacuum names. Now that you have in mind only several options to consider, it's time to compare time to make the final choice. This is the second step: vacuum cleaner comparisons. This may take you a little more time, but the more accurately you compare them, the faster you know which one you want to go for. 
Now if they still matter to you, it is the right time to consider the ratings and their brand names. They are in fact criteria that worths comparing. Another greatly helpful source is the reviews from actual buyers. My best places to go to is often Amazon or Walmart. They have reviews and feedbacks from actual users who have experienced the items you are considering. Looking at your options from others' perspective and actual experiences can make a huge impact on your decision making process. 
Just bear in mind these two simple steps and don't start off your buying journey right away with the two overrated factors mentioned above, you will be fine with whatever option you end up buying. Good luck with your household appliance investment and I hope you are getting the benefits from it very soon!
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You can play with the bow as it is.

Maybe, but I couldn't/wouldn't. That looks like a bit too much curve for my taste, and I bet the camber is off, too.

Like Brad said, it can be straightened, and if it is good bow that you like, it should be. Take it or mail it to a good architier to have it done professionally. Don't try it yourself at home.

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