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Wanting more information on Stainer copy

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Hello, I am trying to find out more information regarding my violin. I have had it 40 years and my father 20 before me. He said it is a Stainer copy but I am wondering how to find out more. He bought it from a young lad when he was 17. The boy walked into the music store where he took lessons in Los Angeles and said it was his grandmothers. My dad offered him $25 and he bought it. I love it and have no desire to sell but am just curious. The label is typed and very faded “Jacobus Stainer “something” Aofam prope Oenipontum 17_2” I know it should say in absam but it just doesn’t look like that. I also cannot read if it says 1742 or 1792. It is a 3/4.

I know the Pegbox has been reworked either while my dad had it or before. 

If anyone knows anything or can direct me I would be so thankful.

Thank you, Jenna x







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6 hours ago, bungling_amateur said:

What are the pegs?

I really do not know but they drive me crazy. Once tuned you should turn them clockwise to tighten into position. A string however is a counterclockwise screw which makes it incredibly difficult. I just spoke to my father yesterday about having new pegs made. He couldn’t remember why these were fitted In the first place but believes it was a solution rather than having larger pegs made.

This was always a back up violin for when my dad played.

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The pegs are not geared. They are mechanical friction pegs, one to one ratio. They clamp against the side of the peg box and the clamping pressure is adjusted by the screw. They may be marginally better than a badly fit ebony peg, but absolutely no match for well fit ebony pegs. The Caspari pegs are just a newer version of the same idea and not much better.

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