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Knowing Indian Classical Raga’s on Violin.


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Hey My friend,

I am Dr. Sachin Kumar Rohilla (A Musician, Violinist) from India. I sing Indian classical music and play Violin. i am creating a new course on "Indian classical Raga's on Violin" and i'd love your inputs.

I am trying to help my all violinist, other instrumentalist and also the vocalist friends in terms of the Indian classical Raga's learning and getting to know them. I am just putting out a survey for you all, so that i can help and understand you in a better way possible. Please send this to all your other musician friends and also musician groups. So that if they are also facing some problem then they can also share their concerns.



Dr. Sachin Kumar Rohilla

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One bit of advice on the English.  Spell it "Ragas," not "Raga's."  "Ragas" means more than one raga.  "Raga's" means the raga possesses something--like, "That raga's that is Kalyan."  (BTW, for non-Indian musicians, the word "that" means "scale"). I checked out your survey, and besides spelling the plural form of raga correctly, I think it would be best if you explained what specific tradition you are presenting--is this Hindustani or Karnatak tradition?  Personally, as a player, I am more drawn to the semi-classical traditions--ghazal and so on--that are somewhat-less-regimented than the structure of the classical music. 

One of the best moments I had in learning this sort of thing was when I was in India, and at that time, it seemed that all the Sheraton Hotels would hire musicians, so I made a point of going to the Sheraton in whatever city I was in to see who was playing.  One issue with Indian music is that if you go to hear people play in public, they are usually wonderful players--the standard is so high!  I was lucky though, one afternoon in the Sheraton in Agra, that they seemed to have hired a violinist who was a little rough around the edges, though I enjoyed his music.  I found that listening to him was weirdly instructive, since he was less fluid, and I could understand better how everything worked seeing the difference between his playing and the more accomplished players I listened to.

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