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Hi All,

I’m privileged to be the owner of a Tres Amigos violin (2013, Strad Model) made by Ryan Soltis, Antoine Nedelec, and Jeff Phillips for Julie Reed-Yeboah’s contemporary violin exhibition in New York. Every year (theoretically, :P) the trio of first-class makers go through rotations of who does what. In the case of my current violin, the scroll/varnish is by Ryan, the back and ribs are by Antoine, and the top is by Jeff. After they completed three Strad models, of which mine is the second, they moved on to Del Gesu models. When the time for the second DG model came around, which would be the twin to mine in terms of who made what, I had expressed a lot of interest in the fiddle as a companion to my current Strad. Fast forward to 2020 and here we are with the fiddle completed!

When I asked the trio if they would be okay with me posting the pictures, the condition was that I give Antoine a mohawk in one of them. VOILA.



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Antoine was kind enough to allow me to provide some input as to the fiddle’s model. We decided on a mid-period Del Gesu model with a fairly symmetrical conception of F-holes. Antoine chose the Joachim of 1737 as an outline due to its fairly pristine condition. What I also wanted was a two piece back with flames ascending from the centre joint since my Strad model has the same back.

As the violin progressed, Ryan fed me many pictures during the process (we are good facebook buds). These are some of the first shots of the fiddle in white, once again Jeff Phillips top and Antoine Nedelec back/ribs. 









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At last, the antiquing fest has come to a close and the Tres Amigos is looking spectacular! They all went to school together in Salt Lake and remain great friends. Each one of them has ascended to top of their field and collaborative efforts like these are extremely special. If it weren’t for the pandemic, I would be going to see the violin as soon as I could, but I know it will be worth the wait. As Antoine told me, the 3 Amigos is a labour of love, and it shows!

A big thank you to Jeff, Antoine, and Ryan for feeding me these photos and for allowing this humble musician to be the recipient of such a superb fiddle! 








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