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bow fingergrip covering

Mat Roop

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Silly question...So I don't sell much new stuff and on occasion I get student bows to rehair that still have the clear covering on the finger grip. What is the usual practice for a new bow with the clear plastic covering... I'm guessing it should be removed for play , but a client told me they were told to leave it in place... to protect the finger grip and keep it clean.   

What is the usual practice? .... Thanks, Mat


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It is there on Chinese, mostly, bows to keep the silver wrap together. It used to be the case that the stick would continue to shrink, having been made in a more humid environment, and come loose and unwind.  The plastic tape seems to keep it together.

If I sold it, I usually remove it. If I didn't,  I usually don't mention it or ask about it.

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11 hours ago, Brad Dorsey said:

I leave it on if it's in good condition.  If it's ragged I take it off.  As duane88 says, the wire winding underneath is often coming loose.  If that's the case, I run a drop of thin superglue into the wire to stabilize it.

Yeah, I've made the mistake of taking it off on step up chinese bows that are stock.  It seems to come loose more times than not.  CA saved it from the trashbin.

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