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Evah Pirazzi Gold, violin string set


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If you like Evah Pirazzi Gold strings then there is a new set on Ebay for sale for $29.99. It looks like this is a new seller who sells all sorts of things and maybe doesn't know what the strings are worth. I purchased two new sets of PI strings at $19.99 each. I haven't received them yet and the seller does not offer returns but shipping is free. I don't use Evah Pirazzi strings but thought someone here would like to buy the set.


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15 hours ago, finnfinnviolin said:

I think that’s just an a string 

You just saved me $45.00. I was able to cancel my order and receive a refund.  Turns out the two PI sets were not complete sets but two Gold Plated E strings.

Moral is, ..... If something looks too good to be true....probably is.

Thanks again


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