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Wurlizer number?


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Your number probably is a catalog number or inventory number put in by a violin shop.  I don't know which shop, but I can tell you that neither this number nor this violin appears in any of the catalogs reproduced in Roy Ehrhardt's "Violin Identification and Price Guide, Book 3."  If you could show us a picture of your number label, someone here might be able to identify the shop from the label typeface or format.

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Here are a couple pix of the labels and writing impressed into the wood on my 1905 Van der Meer violin. Let me know if I should send bigger pix. Under the label on the right side (in the wood) it seems to read "FERDAN."  Any thoughts on that?



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I have an A Nurnberger cello bow that has a number stamped on the underside of the stick just past the leather.  A dealer in Chicago said it looks like it might be a Wurlitzer stock number, which could be looked up in an online catalog.  I never found the online catalog.  Where/what is the Wurlitzer stock catalog? Was there such a thing?

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On 4/17/2020 at 4:02 PM, Michael Darnton said:

Is this one yours? An oversized Maggini model if I remember right. I don't have a photo of the whole violin or of the interior's other side.  I just noticed the   1  0  0  E   stamped below the center. . . .


Michael, you pulled a rabbit out of a hat and no-one clapped! Applause from me - you must have a fantastic archive.

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