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Older European Spruce for sale #1-5

Jeff White

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I have 18 sets of older European Spruce (2 pc) sets for sale.  Most are Violin, but some are large enough for Viola.  Feel free to ask for measurements etc. I also will get up 12 European Maple backs, mostly 1 piece and quite nice.  Almost all of these were purchased from International Violin by the luthier I purchased them from.  He purchased them about 15-18 years ago, and (I think) that IVC told him that they were at least 15yrs aged at that time.  Most are stamped  with the IVC model #8440, current price on these are $73.  Most of these will be selling for $60, however if a set is exceptional, it will be more.  These sets for sale are at least 15 years older than what IVC is currently selling.  He mentioned that he worked with the purchaser there and a few of these were even older than standard, and a better grade.  FWIW, Tarisio just finished a T2 auction with older (30-50yrs) sets and they went from $48-$360, averaging $136 a set.  Pics are in order (#1-5).  Refe(r to proper number.  Seems probably the cheapest and fastest shipping is USPS priority large box, $21.50.  Can in some cases with the tops, get more than one set in a box(2-3??)

#1    $60      SOLD

#2   $60      SOLD

#3   $90     SOLD

#4   $60     SOLD

#5   $90   (Viola 18 7/8" long)



1-1 8440 $60.JPG




2-1 8440 $60.JPG















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