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Hello all - not to re-ignite the debate re Maidstone violins (I know Martin's opinion) but I find some to be very good and especially in the small sizes

Just a question , here are two 3/4 violins both labelled 'Maidstone'.

The one on the right is actually a well made 'Markie'- even to the blackened pegbox

The one on the left is slimmer, slighter with almost a 'Medio fino' appearance - yet also labelled 'Maidstone'

Did Murdoch import from JTL at all does anyone know?


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At a recent Amati "affordable" sale I counted 5 or 6 Maidstones in various degrees of decrepitude. When I played in the Maidstone SO I wondered how the violin section might sound if they were all equipped with eponymous instruments? At least it wouldn't cost them much.

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