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Stolen violin (Portland OR)


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Someone broke into my car and stole my violin a few months back.  I just found this community, and thought I'd post just in case anyone stumbles across it.

The label is marked 'Johann Georg Lippold, ca. 1815, Neukirchen bey Adorf'.  It was in a slightly customized Bobelock case (black with blue interior, needed the upper bout widened), with a bow and the usual accessories.  The bridge is stamped 'K. CARDIFF' on one side.

The violin has a lovely carved scroll which is pretty distinctive.

Thanks in advance!  There is a police report filed if anyone needs it.


Scroll - small.JPG

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2 minutes ago, David Burgess said:

Never a good idea to leave a violin, or any other item of value in a car.

Very true.

My daughter left her homework in her car while visiting friends in what is considered a good neighbourhood.  Someone broke in and stole her backpack.

What was in it?  Library books for an essay she was writing for a religious studies course.  I'm pretty sure they ended up in a garbage can.  She was out $1000 (she had to pay the Library for the books, and we decided it wasn't worth putting in an insurance claim, so she paid it out of pocket).

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6 hours ago, Zeissica said:

What a bummer! Will keep my eyes out. 

Please post additional photos - the scroll is distinctive, yes, but I'd like to see the rest of it for potential spotting purposes.

Sure thing!  These are old photos, though, and a few things have changed.  First, the small chips in the top varnish were repaired.  The violin had different strings on it when it was stolen (Eudoxas, not Dominants), and finally, the case is different.  The new case is also black and oblong, but the interior is blue and a bit fancier (Bobelock model B1051).

I don't have a photo of the bow, but it has zebra-striped windings rather than silver wire.

I do have larger versions of these photos, but I've shrunk them down to meet the forum guidelines.  Hopefully they're still useful!


Back - very small.JPG

Front - very small.JPG

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