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Paris 1874 violin "Jarquet Boquet" worth the chance?


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IMG_E7698.thumb.JPG.d182544d3ab08986005b9fa8f4b7caa3.JPGHi all, I'm a guitarist who would love to have a nice violin on hand for recording of subtle atmospheric bits on my tunes. I'm not a player but, who knows? Maybe some day I will be. Or, just keep it on hand around the house and see if it catches my daughter's interest?

I've been eyeing this old violin but have no idea if it's worth the $225 asking price, and was told all the experts hang out on this forum, so here I am! By the way, I am a die-hard fan of antique instruments and would much prefer something old and nicked up that sounds nice, versus a modern instrument that sounds nice- just how I'm built. I also realize this one might require some additional investment for setup, but I'm not seeing any cracks or hairlines that require work so hopefully that wouldn't require much additional outlay. 

The label say "Paris 1874" and a name I can't find any info on: Jarquet Boquet. I understand there was an 18th century builder Jacques Boquet, but this name is hyphenated, and the first name on the label looks like it has the letter "r" and DEFINITELY a "t" at the end (it's identical to the last letter in "Boquet". Someone at another forum speculated the label was created by lead type and the letters taken from, or fell into, the adjacent box (if that's the case, I suppose it doesn't reflect well on the builder's QC!)

I'd love if any of your serious collectors of antique fiddles can provide your thoughts on this mysterious label. Does it seem to be at least a veritable 1874 violin and good quality instrument, based on f-holes, varnish, and other details I'm not too familiar with?













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36 minutes ago, ethrasher said:

Thanks for the comments, all. I may hold off on this fiddle for now, and see what else comes down the pike.


Or, maybe next time I see him the guy will drop his price and make it hard for me to pass...


The price is all right, no reason not to buy it, unless you particularly wanted a French one

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So are folks saying this dutzenarbeit does indeed appear to be in good nick, and seems well set up by a proper violin maker (from something apparent in the bridge photo*?) and THEORETICALLY should

sound fairly decent? Since the strings are bad, the bow is clearly in need of new hair, and I, ehrm, don't play violin, I'm buying blind. Or deaf, rather.

Thanks all for your kind and thoughtful input!

*what was the detail noticed in that bridge photo, and the bridge knife comment? I'd love to learn more... 

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Ok, so I just googled "Cremona Musical Inst. S.F." and found a "Cremona Violin Dealers & Maker"  violin shop which appears to be a very high end shop, located only few blocks from where I work on Market Street. Perhaps that bridge is a private label for that shop and was set up by them at some point? 

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