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Corona virus in Cremona

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52 minutes ago, jacobsaunders said:

When West Germany “re-incorporated” (a singularly politically incorrect way of putting it) East Germany, I got a strange letter from Mr. Weidler of Nürnburg. He wrote, “I have to pay for the re-union too”, and put the prices of his spikes and cello tail pieces up significantly. I thought “sod off and pay for your reunion yourself” and have never bought anything there ever again.

One could buy all this stuff much cheaper than directly from Markneukirchen (what he probably did, too).


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5 hours ago, Jeffrey Holmes said:

come on people.  let's drop the politics.  

Here, here, good sir. 

This forum is about making stringed instruments. 

Let us all take a break from opinionating and return to the workbench.  Complete a project or dust off an instrument and put it in the hands of a player to serenade the sick and isolated - whatever the illness. 

I will send a free piece of tonewood to the first person to put this train on a positive track.  That is not a joke.

Sincerely and Reasonably yours,

Randy O'Malley

"Don't just curse the darkness. Light a candle." Unknown

"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do."  Anonymous

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