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I own a very old violin that has the following on the inside:

“Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis

                Faciebat Anno 1722” whereas the “22”is etched in pencil. 

A double circle emblem with “+

                                                        as” is also present.

The bow string is tattered horse hair with mother of pearl inlay.

I would appreciate any clarification you could provide.

Thank you,

Donald Oakes




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I will concour with the others.

As a novice, as a "teachable moment" , just so you know, going back over 200 years "Stradivari" instruments are basically the "design" and 'style' of the violin that you see, or quite simply just about every violin you see is "inspired by" Strad, and in that vein, pretty much every factory "copy" would go so far as to not only "copy" the violin itself, but to also do stupid and confusing things like putting "fake" ie. labels like yours that "imply" that it was made and labeled  by the man himself, which of course they are not, it's just a sales gimmick, unfortunately one that gives people who don't know much about violins the momentary grand illusion that they are sitting on millions , which of course is not the case, your sitting on more like 50-150$. And yes, even if it's old, that does not mean its has value, even "antique' value just for being old, it's not quite like the furniture dealio where even crappy pieces can be worth lots.

However, that being said, violins like yours are played and seriously loved by many violinist's, amateur and pros alike and if your into playing ,it could probably be brought back to life for around 200-250$ {assuming no major unseen problems} If your not into it, I'm sure you could sell it to a shop that might be into trying to fix it up and resell it. But like I say, I would expect offers as low as 50$


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To Donald Oakes:  If that is your personal phone number, I politely suggest that you remove it  from your post, or have the moderator do so for you.  People can contact you through a personal message if they want.     A home phone number is not something you want floating around the internet! 

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5 hours ago, MikeC said:

Strad applied his varnish with an airbrush?  It must have been water powered, I don't think he had electricity.  

How do you think pipe organs of that time were powered? Supplying air to a spray gun would be a piece of cake in comparison. :)

Bach's organ-pumpers were reputed to be quite unhappy, since he played so many notes and stops at the same time. Like around .27 and 2:23, and 8.04.


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