Question about Warchal Brilliant cello strings

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I am searching for an appropriate string combination for an older German cello that I have on my bench. With Larsen Magnacore mediums, it is far too crisp and tinny, with a good amount of projection. With Versum and Versum soloist, it is a bit brighter with more overtones. Larsen mediums are a bit too soft, lacking projection, but response is not accompanied by the tinny bite found in the others. I have only experienced Warchal brilliants one other time, years ago, and only remember the result was good, but do not remember how that specific cello was with different strings. Do any of you know what I might expect with the Warchal brilliants given these attributes? Thank you in advance.

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My son recently switched his older German cello (this one over to Warchal Brilliants.

The previous setup was the common Spirocores & Larsens pairing. They weren't new, so it's not really a controlled test, but they weren't thrashed either. We were expecting a fairly subtle difference, but it was actually a massive improvement. I didn't know he was doing it, but immediately heard enough difference from 2 rooms away to get up to see what was going on.

I think it's still predominantly a bright sound, but most of the improvement was on the bass side. I wish we'd recorded something before/after, but he definitely won't be going back.

If you buy them from, the first set is half price, which makes it a lot less painful to experiment.

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The a string hay something to it, but the lower two strings are some of the worst I know. They cannot handle any weight and do not articulate. I have never seen a professional use these strings (I am one). 

What about Magnacore Arioso, very light gauge on the bass side. Or at the other end of the spectrum, Eva Pirazzi Gold, very good string response and pleasant under the fingers. 

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