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Woodworking skill: How to make a fluted rod with hand tools?

Mik Kyklo

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I would like to flute the baroque bow stick I make. Do you know how can I do it? (without power tools) An example of fluting I would like to imitate is the following:


Nicolas Pierre amonf many others used this technique of rod flitting. How did they do it? 

Thank you a lot

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14 hours ago, David Burgess said:

Couldn't we come up with a better name for it than "scratch stock"?  Maybe something along the lines of a form-tool scraper blade with an edge guide?

Crikey mate, look at the size of that name! I would never be able to use a tool with such a fancy description....... :) 

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3 hours ago, Conor Russell said:

The only time I saw a bow stick being  fluted, the maker used a slightly  bent piece of round  toolsteel in a handle, with the edge ground  at maybe 80°. He used it just like a graver. It will  take  practice. I'm not sure that an ordinary  scratch stock will work very well.


I have seen Bill Salchow flute a bow using a scratch stock in about 1/2 an hour. My recollection is that the tool he used actually centered the blade as the taper narrowed. This could be easily done by using a U shaped holder and keeping both sides in contact with the sides of the bow. This would also narrow the cut of a cove type bit as it turned but I can not figure out how it could cut on both sides when tilted. I think I remember him pushing and pulling the stock back and forth in both directions.  

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Here's a possible solution - it's a prototype of a bow fluting plane that I put together at Oberlin a couple of summers ago, with help from David Orlin.  I haven't used it for an actual bow yet - the picture shows a test on a scrap of wood.  I have a larger one for the reeding at the butt end of the bow.   The details on the head have to be done with small gouges. 



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