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Simeon Chambers Tonewood Field Trips 2020


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Hello Violin Makers,

This is your information for the 2020 Simeon Tonewood field trips. The 2019 and 2018 trips were a huge success.  Great people and fantastic wood found, including cello tops.  We had a special and extraordinary time.  More fun than you should be allowed to have!  These trips are really special if you can make it. 

This year I have set it up to be essentially easy for you.  We base at one location, my place near Glenwood Springs Colorado.  We use this comfortable base to get to several locations for Engelmann Spruce Tonewood gathering.  Bring personal items, sleeping bag and pillow.  Meals provided, and they will be exceptional.

To see some pics from  the 2019 trips: https://www.facebook.com/simeon.chambers.56  We were very successful gathering Engelmann Spruce, even a whole bunch of cello tops.

For 2020 I have some great things planned to continue the special trips to the forests of Colorado. 

There are 3 scheduled 4 day weekends Each trip will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  For newcomers, the dates this year are August 20, 21, 22, 23.   Newcomers, those are your dates.   For those of you newcomers that cannot make that trip, there are other start dates of July 23 and August 13. For these dates you will need to contact me and I can put you in touch with the group that comes those dates.

If interested, just email me for many more details via email sales@toyfishfactory.com

In the meantime, here are some basics:

New for 2020:

Each trip will base out of Simeon’s place in the mountains near Glenwood Springs, so no need to bring all the camping gear, just a sleeping bag, pillow and personal gear.  There is a cost to you, indicated in the detail email

Arrival is set for Thursday for each trip.  Departure Sunday by 2pm.

Meals will be provided.  I will take care of all the food, and it will be fantastic.   Thursday evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, Sunday morning breakfast.  I made this change for fun, and to make it easier for everyone to just get here and enjoy the experience.  I have great cooks lined up to prepare and make the meals, (some help needed).

The plan for 2020 is for one central camp, thus Simeon’s place.  This setup will allow for more relaxation and less gear needing to be brought with you.   Setting up in one spot will give everyone more time to enjoy and potentially find more or better wood.  We have cooking facilities, propane shower, sleeping space indoors, plenty of deck space for conversation and lots of room for wood processing.  New in 2020 is a covered wood storage area if needed.  Wood can be labeled and left behind if we find extra.  It will season there with your name on it.

Brief Itinerary: 

Meal and conversation Thursday evening.  No group wood gathering on Thursday, but people that arrive early could be scouting a bit if they would like.   Friday and Saturday we will be looking for and processing wood with a morning breakfast, portable lunch and amazing meal, drinks and conversation each evening.   Sunday will be breakfast, perhaps final wood prep and preparing to leave by 2pm.

Need to Knows:

Group sleeping area via beds and air mattresses (provided).  Use sleeping bags rather than sheets. (we are not setup for bedding).   For those new, you select a bed and personal space, but do not have your own room.  For details, or more flavor on this setup, contact someone who has been there.

Typical meal times are 730am and 7pm.

Solar power, off grid place, but can charge all your devices.  Cell phone service is decent most of the time.

The roads are fine for cars to get there.   Renting a car in Denver would work fine.

You will take home Engelmann Spruce tonewood.  Last year was epic.  We had lots of wood.  Check the pics on Facebook.

This is an overview of the three trips planned for this year.  Contact me at sales@toyfishfactory.com or 303 507 5225 for info

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Sim is a generous and knowledgeable host. His cabin is beautiful and you’ll have a great time.

We cut and processed a ton of nice Engelmann spruce and found some great standing logs that we didn’t have time to work last year. 

Here’s Team Epic with stacks of cello bolts in front of Sim’s cabin.




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I would highly recommend!!  The cabins and area is beautiful and they are some really great people.  Plus, learned alot more about tone wood and the processing end of it.  It is also a great value for anyone looking to stock up.  I ended up with over 15 cello tops and about 60 violin/viola tops, that was just my portion, not sure how much we can get this year but with some hustle and the right crew?!?!?!  Hope to see some of you all there.

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Sim had several large Stihl chainsaws and did the felling and cross cutting. The team did the bulk of the splitting and waxing under Sim’s guidance using his hammers and wedges. Sim also supplied the AnchorSeal we used to seal the bolt ends.

Like Alex, I got a ton of wood. Team Epic (the second crew) included Alex Reza, Evan Smith and his son, Dirk Henry, Mike Jones and me.


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